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Soft Skills

English with its varied accents, dialects and sentence structures can fracture a non-native. Therefore, language at workplace evolved to Business English, a language comprised of Formal English and Business Terminologies. Due to its complexity being different from our vernaculars, we need to think in our native language and try to translate before speaking. We have to think in the language used for business so that we can conduct accordingly. For the same reason we have to master the language for our business.
Primary focus on giving students a skill set to tap into their own creativity. Opportunities for students to explore their creative strengths, develop a vocabulary with which to discuss their own creativity, and experiment with the craft and adventure of their own writing. Students will come out of the course strengthened in their ability to identify and pursue their own creative interests.
Resume is a prospectus framing ‘you’ in facts and figures. In a world where it is more difficult to land a job than ever before, and sometimes with hundreds of people applying for the same position, it is crucial for the applicant to stand out above their competition with a brilliant resume that’s not only professional but current. You can only give your best in an interview if your resume enables you to be called for one. An infographic resume is a creative way to show employers why you deserve their attention. We provide guidance for resume preparation helping you through the uneasiness of straying from traditional template format, adding a dash of creativity to your resume with some simple design tinge. Technology will also play a larger role in crafting creative resumes, making the information presented more intellectually and visually stimulating. But if you aren’t that a creative or a tech savvy professional, don’t worry, we can completely design a customizable infographic resume template that can fetch you your dream job.
An idea is as good as its presentation. In the corporate world selling ideas is what gets you that order, that client, that success. At our Chennai centre we ensure your presentation skills are honed too, to a presentable level, those nuances of presentation to keep your audience attentive with you all the way till thank you!
Interviewing a job begins with a good resume, but does not fly on its own to an offer letter unless those impressive credentials match the face and voice of its owner: you. When you give an interview you are not giving yourselves to them, instead it's the other way around: what can the company gain by giving you that job with a better pay package.
In our jobs and our lives we have a choice in everything we decide doing or no. To take informed decisions day in day out we have to better equip ourselves with a tray of choices and decision making skills help pick the right one.
In a company you work in a team, as a team and that is why it is called a company wherein a group of people work towards a common goal. If not for teamwork there is nothing that could bespeak a company's productivity. Learning how to be a part of one is work in itself and can't do it alone in being an asset rather than a liability.
Any product or service is only as good as its last customer. Customer service is not limited to contact numbers or a contact us page in a website. It is a privilege of serving a customer to the best of one's abilities be it a service manager, salesman or the company as a whole. While there are tonnes of training materials about dos and don'ts available on how to conduct oneself with a customer, both internal and external this entire experience it boils down to how happy our customers are.
Time is money. When a customer is paying that extra buck for your faster service he or she expects it to happen. If the cycle time of a product delivery is a ten minute slot then a quicker delivery is for that extra minute you can save for that customer. All soft skills of management stem from this rule. If you can deliver a product faster, cut slack time, identify snags of inefficiency or take out waste then you are making a customer happy by saving his precious time. It is a primal skill from which all other branch out, be it for you, your team or your boss.

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