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Language And Communication Skills

Begin your English language journey with our Beginners course. For learners who have little or no English language, the course gives you the basic grammar and vocabulary to communicate with confidence. The course focuses on three core areas: basic grammar, essential functions, useful everyday vocabulary, and uses images and video to illustrate points of language in a clear and logical way.
Our General English courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Some people who do these courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest. The courses are based on communicative methodology, and each lesson is focused on improving both fluency as well as language accuracy.
This course is ideal for experienced professionals who wish to improve their business language and develop their professional skills in a commercial and international context. The course is also ideal for people preparing for an MBA. Our Business English course has everything you need to succeed in international business. All the essential areas of business communication are covered, from meetings to presentations, telephoning to business writing and from travelling to socializing.
Intercultural course refers to the training given to learners related to the cultural differences between nations. For intercultural training to make an impact it needs to be customized to the needs and context of the individuals attending. This program includes Presentation skills, Negotiations skills, Leadership skills and more.
Classes to help you soften your accent and/or powerfully use your voice for presentations and public speeches. English for Specific Purposes: English for your industry & profession: Banking & Finance / Insurance /Sales / Oil & Gas / Engineering / Aviation and more. Content customized to you.
Our English exam preparation courses are designed to help you to get the best possible result in your chosen English exam. You can prepare with our highly qualified English teachers for a range of English exams: IELTS, TOEFL, TEFL, PTE and more. Our teachers can help you with the expertise for various areas of English tests: speaking, writing, listening, grammar and English vocabulary.
Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada.
These days it is very much essential to be able to understand and comprehend to the local languages. The spectrum of regional languages is huge. These languages are considered to be the toughest to learn. We simplify this issue by delivering a highly effective and easy methodology which would help you learn any language in the shortest time span.

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