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Morpheme, the academy is a collaborative creative initiative with the motive to simplify communications, elevate technological experiences and to help people build brighter employment prospects. Since the academy comprises of entrepreneurs who have scaled the service industry and understood the day to day need, have chosen to create a radically different system that embraces new generation ideologies by generating and adopting new beliefs and concepts into existing methodologies of training and development.

As the importance of international communication and technological advancements continue to grow at a rapid rate. To keep up the pace, proficiency with Communication & Technology is extremely important. Knowledge of English opens up a large number of employment opportunities in almost every business domain and as most of the jobs involve the use of computers, computer education is an eligibility criterion for almost all of the modern-day jobs. While your technical skills and communication skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what opens most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

Morpheme, the academy offers exclusive, extensive and comprehensive training programs blending high technology and cutting edge methodology to help individuals upgrade their skill, language or technological expertise and mould their future through learning and development and to help them build brighter employment prospects. We are dedicated for providing quality education aiming to make your study beneficial, not only professionally and academically but also personally memorable and enjoyable with us. We impart a wide perspective learning methodology, effective than theoretical education and promote independent learning abilities.

Coaches at Morpheme are one-of-a-kind. The ‘Personality Development & Soft Skills’ training rendered to me has made me confident and self-capable of molding myself. Do step in for a change! … Thank you Morpheme!

- Clifford Christopher

The dedicated faculty motivates the students to learn languages real quick with quality. They understand students better and meet the requirements. I’m happy that I could learn English and Kannada at Morpheme.

- Nikhil Jain

Advanced MS Excel skills were always a need in my career. Trainer at Morpheme instilled me with deep insights on Excel techniques from the Beginner’s level to the Advanced level. Thanks to Morpheme for the change it has brought in me!

- Preeti Tiwari

The education system has not changed much over the last few decades, though the requirements of the corporate world have. A recent survey of employers across the country found that a majority of graduates lacked adequate "Communication and Soft Skills" to be employed in the industry. Every year, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but, quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students. Few of the problems and difficulties prevailing in the education system in this country are:

No practical knowledge: In schools and colleges, lots of attention is given to theory and books and practical knowledge is completely ignored. When these students pass the exam, they forget all the things they have studied due to lack of practical experience. In India, parents and teachers expect their students to score high in the exam (rather than acquiring the quality knowledge) and thus the education becomes a rat race. Practical knowledge and skill based education is still far away from the reach of students studying in schools, colleges and universities.

Lack of Research or critical analysis: Problems solving skills are one of the most important things that are required when students complete their studies and look for jobs to earn money and build up their career. This can be learned by participating in problem solving projects with the use of creative and critical thinking.

In India, despite the fact that we have the highest number of engineering graduates, still we lack technological innovation. Students must have capability to solve the problems and difficulties that the country is facing today. Most of the students don’t have their own approach towards any problem and they do so only on the instruction of their parents, teachers, neighbors and friends.

Absence of personality development program: Schools and colleges in India demand student’s performance in terms of marks and they are not well exposed to the external world. When students complete their graduation and enter into the job market, they face problems to get a job as per their capability simply because they don’t meet the criteria and skills required for the job. Companies want to hire those individuals that are aware of the course of the action. It is highly essential to start personality development program is schools and colleges to improve the education standards.

Absence of Entrepreneurship development skills: The majority of the students want to get a job after finishing their education. They don’t like starting their own business because they are of the view that they can’t become a business person and face the challenges during the circulation of their business. The absence of Entrepreneurship abilities is halting the progress of our country in several fields.

When no institution of higher studies asks for soft-skills in a candidate, then why will a candidate even hone those skills? The prime agenda for higher study applicants is to get a seat in coveted colleges. And most of them will naturally focus more on what takes them to the college, rather than what will help them in long-term.

Morpheme was born with a vision to create a difference aiming to bridge the gaps prevalent in the current education system by delivering cutting-edge training solutions to all learners regardless of any challenges that they face. When the idea of Morpheme struck our brain the only vision was to deliver quality service to our learners going the extra mile.

Our training programs are unique in such a way that, Whatever the content of the training be, we design in opportunities for a Life Skill Based Education, that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self reflection, critical thinking, Problem solving and Interpersonal Skills. Expected learning outcomes include a combination of Knowledge, Values, Attitude and Skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that are related to critical thinking and problem solving, self –management , communication and interpersonal skills. Our unique training programs help you learn or upgrade your skill in the most effective way. We launched this initiative on April 14th 2016 and until date we carry the zeal within us to empower this vision.