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Our unique training programs help you learn or upgrade your skill in the most effective way. Whatever the content of the training be, we design in opportunities for a Life Skill Based Education, that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self reflection, critical thinking, Problem solving and Interpersonal Skills. Expected learning outcomes include a combination of Knowledge, Values, Attitude and Skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that are related to critical thinking and problem solving, self –management , communication and interpersonal skills.

Coaches at Morpheme are one-of-a-kind. The ‘Personality Development & Soft Skills’ training rendered to me has made me confident and self-capable of molding myself. Do step in for a change! … Thank you Morpheme!

- Clifford Christopher

The dedicated faculty motivates the students to learn languages real quick with quality. They understand students better and meet the requirements. I’m happy that I could learn English and Kannada at Morpheme.

- Nikhil Jain

Advanced MS Excel skills were always a need in my career. Trainer at Morpheme instilled me with deep insights on Excel techniques from the Beginner’s level to the Advanced level. Thanks to Morpheme for the change it has brought in me!

- Preeti Tiwari

Morpheme is committed to help learners reach their goals, by simplifying communication, elevating technological expertise to help people build brighter employment prospects and to make a difference. Thereby, we provide high-quality training at an affordable price. Our programs and courses are developed and revised according to the current trend.
We believe in flexible learning which enhances your learning curve. For us flexibility means anticipating and responding to the ever changing needs and expectations of learners. What you see and what you hear impacts the learning process to a great extent. Hence we distinctively customized the courses, sandwiching Audio Visual Training Methodology with motivational concepts, promoting independent learning. The following are our key highlights.

  Flexible Learning & Flexible Timing

Flexible learning places learners in primary control as it is a set of educational philosophies and systems concerned with providing our learners with increased choice, convenience and personalisation to suit their particular learning need. It expands choice on what, when, where and how people learn. Read more...

  Learning by doing - mock sessions

We have been a part of service Industry for more than a decade. We understand the importance of Mock sessions. So basically it is a set up where you perform just the way you would in an interview. This is done to ensure that your confidence levels are not bogged down by the stress and pressure of finding a job. Read more...

  Learn Anywhere, Anytime

We circulate notes to our candidates by using online mediums. This makes it effortless for them to avail the information wherever they are. Study materials offered by us are customized inhibiting a realistic approach towards the concept of learning. Read more...

  Formative & Summative Assessments

Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students learn. When students are able to see how they are performing, they are able to determine whether or not they understand the concepts. Therefore it is used for a number of purposes, most importantly to drive learning. Read more...

  Independent Learning

“Learning to learn” is a complex process that entails learners taking responsibility and playing their part within the learning process Independent Learning is a philosophy whereby a learner acquires knowledge by his or her own efforts. Instead of someone else explaining new concepts to the learner, Read more...

  Audio Visual Sessions

We lean towards the concept of learning through entertainment and therefore include audio and visual media to deliver the teaching concepts in a better and entertaining way.

  Effective Q&A sessions

We are inhibiting Q&A sessions at the end of every session in order to eliminate any hidden confusions about the concept/language that the candidates have. It also brings transparency to the session and gives each participant a better clarity about the concept and it also improves their probing skills.

  Handling interviews & Resume

We are offering expert advice on preparing for job interviews, tips on how to answer various job interview questions. We provide face-to-face and online help, through email, ‘chat’ and Skype. In this way we are able to help candidates from every state across the globe. Read more...

  Motivational strategy

Motivation is a key factor for explaining the success or failure of any difficult activity. It plays a significant role in the process of learning. Mentors cannot effectively teach a concept if they do not understand the relationship between motivation and its effect on concept acquisition. Read more...

  Individual attention & interactive approach

Learners receive individualized attention from their mentors based on their unique needs. We believe that not all are alike and do not learn information in the same way. Therefore, as they learn in unison with the class, he/she may experience an accommodation or modification to the curriculum setting Read more...

  Emphasis on the Creative Aspect

The creative aspect is something which all learning and development streams have in common, it is "an essential property of any medium that it provides the means for expressing indefinitely many thoughts and for reacting appropriately in an indefinite range of new situations''. Read more...

  A Desire to Learn has No age limitation

Learning is a continuous process and the true learner always searches for avenues to learn from anybody and everybody. Each and every human is born with a right to be educated irrespective of his or her age. Study is a thing which can be done with no age limit. So Learning has no limits. Sky is the limit, if you are willing to learn!

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Language Training
Speaking and Writing
Spoken English
Advanced English
Public Speaking Skills
Presentation Skills
Business English
Voice & Accent
International Languages
Indian Languages
Spoken Kannada
Spoken Malayalam
Spoken Tamil
Technological Skills
MS Office Word
MS Office Excel
MS Office PowerPoint
Advanced Excel
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
Excel Macro
Interview Skills and Tips
Resume Preparation
Creative Writing
Advanced Vocabulary
Email Etiquette
Interpersonal Skills
Corporate Grooming
Group Discussion
Confidence Building and Positive Attitude
Personality Development and Enhancement
Stress Management
Call Centre Training
Education Programme for Illiterates

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