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Modes Of Training

Training occurs in many different ways in our organizations every day. It can include learning on almost any subject in almost any way.As mentioned previously, before providing the actual training, a plan will be devised to determine what is to be achieved and how it will be achieved, who will deliver the training, the time frame of the training process and most importantly the modes of training.
The different types of training delivery modes are Weekly, Crash, Deep Rooted, Individual, Remote and Corporate Training. You may choose any one of these as per your training goals, learning needs, convenience and availability, as all of these training modes have proved to be highly effective and fruitful.

There are circumstances when you would not be able to dedicate enough time for a training program. This is where we want to assist you, by providing you the facility of weekly training programs. Our Flexible Courses are designed with your busy schedule in mind. A bespoke training program will be drawn up by the mentor to target your learning objectives specifically. Our weekly training helps you choose to work flexibly on broadening your vocabulary in a specific field of your choice and concentrate on areas of grammar which you find difficult or practice speaking to improve your fluency.
You will make great progress in the shortest time possible. We promise you!
We understand that sometimes you might need to learn a new language or a skill fast. Our unique Crash Training Program courses are the most effective language training available. These courses are concentrated processes in which the learner is totally in sync with the language or skill. It also enables students to retain a greater volume of information in a shorter time span than is possible with any traditional method.
You also do have an option to choose the duration of the Intensive Program.
The best way to learn a language or a skill is to embed yourself fully in the subject matter. It is not only to learn but to be able to use the language or skill more effectively. This could be achieved by attending sessions in a regular manner, continuously until you get a hold on the language or skill. A deep rooted training program is by far the fastest way to learn any skill.
English is one of the most widely used languages around the world; wouldn't you like to speak it with ease? Whether you want to speak English to further your education or advance your career, a deep rooted program is the best way to learn.
You may feel that a group course is simply not suitable, you may have limited time available or you may want the trainer to be able to focus one hundred per cent on your needs.
Our individual training offers you a solution if you require the exclusive attention of your trainer to meet your needs. You work on improving your language or skill that focuses on real subjects and relevant skills for your daily work activities.
You could also choose any time and course contents according to your individual requirements to study with highly qualified trainers.
Do you want to learn a new language, but don’t have the time for regular lessons or a deep rooted course? Try our Remote sessions via Skype. Our Skype training programs are entirely customized to your goals. Get individual or group training with our Skype sessions at a time that suits you - sessions are available throughout the day, including evening and weekends.
Transform your business into a multilingual enterprise to unlock a whole world of opportunities. Skill Based Language training is vital if you want your business to compete on an international scale. We can help you and your employees to master the language, the required skills and culture of your overseas business partners. We start with a conversation about your business goals, your language requirements, and your current abilities or skill sets in your target area. Once we have agreed on your company goals, we will structure your course to ensure that your objectives are met. We will ensure the course includes all the specialist terminologies necessary for expert communication in your sector.